Support Group Therapy

PPD support group therapy, just as the name suggests, is intended to create a safe space where moms struggling with PPD can get access to support and therapy. The idea to form support groups was birthed out of the need to bridge the gap between moms looking for help with PPD, and professionals who can avail that help.Therapy for PPD treatment, in many parts of Kenya, is either too costly, or simply non-existent. This is where support group therapy comes in.

PPDKenya support groups are structured such that they provide therapy for moms in groups at extremely subsidized costs. This allows them to get help, and more importantly, know that they are not alone. We have a qualified psychologist who facilitates the sessions and a PPD survivor mom on board. The sessions are held bi-monthly for a total of 5 sessions. By combining peer support and therapy in a group setting, we are able to provide psychosocial support for affected moms in line with our Vision and Mission.

NB: It is important to note however, that these support groups are not a replacement for professional medical attention. If you feel that you are struggling mentally, please see a psychologist or psychiatrist for proper diagnosis.

We currently have the first cycle of PPDKenya support groups on going. We started on 13th January 2022, and sessions go on up to 10th March 2022. This is a total of 5 sessions held on alternate Saturdays. Please note that it is not possible to join a support group after the second session, but this does not lock out anyone in need – we will simply sign you up for the second cycle.

Update: The first cycle of the support groups ended on Saturday 10th March 2022. We are currently sending word out and registration for the second cycle of PPDKenya support groups is open. Please email us or use the Contact form for more details.


We are also beginning online support groups in September 2022. These support groups are suitable for moms who, for one reason or another, may not be able to join physical support group sessions. They will be moderated by a therapist to ensure that moms get the help they need. Are you interested, or know someone who would benefit from this? Please send an sms to  +254 875 671 028 and indicate you are interested in joining a support group. We will give a response shortly after and add you to one.

In addition to our core values, the following norms have been set for the group sessions:

  1. There is no shame in struggling with PPD, and asking for help. In the group, you will meet other moms at different parts of their postpartum journey, a reminder that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
  2. The groups are designed to offer support for moms with PPD, and for that reason, we remain intentional in sharing relevant content, both during the physical and virtual sessions.
  3. Confidentiality is key. Moms need to share without holding back if they are to embark on the journey to recovery after PPD. That’s why we have created a safe space for the sessions. What is discussed in the group remains in the group and cannot be shared on this website or otherwise unless a) a mom gives their consent for a guest post and b) they are at a point where going public with their survivor story will not be a trigger.
  4. We respect each mom’s opinion and appreciate that everyone may be at a different place in their journey. This impacts the recovery journey which looks different for all moms.
  5. Lastly, PPDKenya support groups are for ALL moms, regardless of their tribe, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, social class and marital status.