Blog author

Name: Amondi Okafor

Age: 39

Birth date: February 16, 1982

About me: My name is Amondi Okafor and I am a mother of 2 children. By my example, I know what postpartum depression is, as well as its consequences. For a long time this disease tormented me. Because of her, I was overwhelmed and damaged the intra-family relationship with my husband and eldest daughter. After the birth of my first daughter, I felt that I could not provide her enough with my love. This thought began to hinder me. My husband tried to help me, constantly supported and spoke, but the depression did not go away, but only worsened. I could not help myself and thought that my daughter would be better with another woman, or with her husband. I wanted a divorce. On this basis, quarrels began in our family. But my husband did not leave me, but found a group of people who provided assistance to those suffering from this ailment. They helped me and saved our family. With the birth of my second daughter, I finally calmed down and now I understand that I am worthy of my beloved family! Now I want to devote my life to helping other people. It seems to me that by writing this blog I can save all those who have already fallen into the net of this terrible disease. You are not alone! Together, we can overcome any ailment and I am a vivid example of this!