About Us

Our core values

  1. Expectant women and new moms are at the centre of the work we do. This is because at the heart of maternal mental health, the best time to catch the likelihood of perinatal mood disorders is when a woman is pregnant.
  2. Information is not accessible to all moms and moms-to-be so we strive to create and share info on maternal mental health disorders, both online and offline. In line with this, we advocate for postpartum depression screening to ensure that moms are well informed on the need to get professional help.
  3. Peer support is an incredible tool in the recovery journey for moms affected by perinatal mood disorders. This is because it enhances a positive outlook, lets moms know they are not alone and allows them to get relevant help.
  4. We look forward to working with stakeholders in the field (psychologists, pyschotherapists, counsellors and ante-natal clinics and the Ministry of Health – KE) to improve maternal mental health in Kenya.
  5. We are empathetic and inclusive. PPD Kenya is for all women regardless of their tribe, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, social class and marital status.
  6. We advocate for self-care. ‘You cannot pour from an empty cup’ rings true for us. This means taking care of ourselves first, and appreciating that we cannot handle every issue or force a mom to get professional help.

NOTE: We are peers, not experts. We offer peer support to assist affected moms and dads as well as encourage them to seek help. Click on the Contact Page to get referrals to professionals who can offer medical help for PPD and other perinatal mood disorders.